Vibrators: What You Need to Know

Sexual pleasure is all about the stimulation of sensitive nerves. The longer the duration of stimulation, the better the sexual experience. Unfortunately, experiencing sexual pleasure for the short duration normal penetration offers is often impossible.  However, getting to the sweet climax of sexual pleasure is easier today – all thanks to vibrators.

There are wide varieties of vibrators to meet your sexual interest. For your sexual experience, you can feel the joys of clitoral vibrators or G-spot vibrators. Besides, if you wish to travel further on the path of sexual glee, the rabbit vibrator will launch you to the climax. 

Whether you want sexual pleasure by masturbation, same-sex or opposite sex, a sex toy can help. Also known as a vibrator, a sex toy can make your sex life a lot more fun and exciting than you have ever imagined.

A vibrator helps you to explore and enjoy your body in different ways. 

Without further ado, let’s find out the types of vibrators, how and where to use them! 

Types of vibrators

Here are some of the types of vibrators. 

Clitoral vibrator

Research has proven that about 70 to 90 percent of females do not get an orgasm through penetration. This is because the part of the vulva that gives sensual sensations is not pleasured while thrusting. The clitoris surrounding has some nerves that cause blood supply for sexual excitement and orgasm. A clitoral vibrator arouses you sexually by rubbing and creating vibrational pulses on the clitoris. This is especially important for women with a pronounced vulva. For some women with clitoral hoods, their hoods need a pulling back for a smooth pleasuring with a clitoral vibrator.  The vibrator helps in clitoral stimulation by creating a shock wave that travels within the virgin.

How to use a Clit Vibrator

Oversensitivity of the clitoris is almost common among women who are new to using clitoral vibrators. The results in excessive jittery and uncontrollable shocking sensations during clitoral stimulation.Thus, it’s advisable to start by placing the clit vibrator on the clitoral hood as you create circular motions or up and down strides around it. The moment you get accustomed to the stimulation, you can then increase the pressure of the clit vibrator and walk your way down to the clitoris. You can also rub oils or moisturizers to reduce friction and oversensitivity. The clitoris can be stimulated in two ways: by rotational movement on the clit or by giving vibrational pulses. Explore your body and choose which clit vibrator gives you better sexual arousal.

The top 2 types of Clit Vibrator

Before we jump into the top two types of clit vibrator, there are some considerations to put in place. 

Firstly, you should know how portable you want your vibrator to be if you want it to be something you can carry around. You might also want to consider the vibration speed that will suit you and know if you want it to be waterproof or not. The way you want to use them should determine what type of clit vibrator you should buy. 

Let’s look at two great options.

  • The Le Wand Rechargeable Magic Wand

 The good thing about this is that they have a long shaft that travels through the vagina and explores you deeply.

It also has large heads for stimulating the clitoris. The Le Wand comes with aesthetic appeal and about ten varying vibrations intensities. It also has up to 20 pulsation patterns that will fill your bedroom experience with ecstasy.

  • The Dame Products Aer

If you want to experience the thrills and sensations that come with oral sex, then The Dame Aer is a good option for you. It offers pleasure by creating a suction sensation around the clitoris. They come with adjustable pressure controls. Additionally, they come in varying sizes for different body types.

Bullet Vibrator

For those who want to have all the fun of pleasure and remain discreet, the bullet vibrator is your choice. They come in shapes that make them perfect as a traveling companion. If this is your first time using a vibrator, then a bullet vibrator is a good choice due to its comfortability. Also, note that they are for external use only, so avoid any insertion.

How to Use a Bullet Vibrator 

Bullet vibrator is perfect for threesome sex with a couple, especially if you are a third party. Since they come in small sizes, they can stimulate and cause arousal before sex without getting in the way of intimacy between bed partners.

A Bullet vibrator can also serve as a stimulant for the nipple. For males, a gentle movement right between the testis and the anus will give you the eternal joys of sexual satisfaction. A mild hum on the shaft of the penis is another excellent way to use the bullet vibrator. But feel free to explore your body, to discover new ways to please yourself.

The Top 2 Types of Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibrators come in either rechargeable models or battery-powered forms. So, choose by your preferences. Generally, bullet vibrators are cheaper than other vibrators.

  • Lelo Mia 2 Lipstick Vibrator

 The Lelo Mia lipstick vibrator comes with USB rechargeable support and six vibration patterns to choose from. It is your perfect discreet sex toy. Its appearance sells the idea of lipstick, and you don’t have to worry about public notice when it falls off your bag. This is because people can hardly tell its difference from lipstick. Thus, I see it as the best travel vibrator.

  • The We-Vibe Tango

People consider it the world’s most powerful mini vibrator. It comes with a 100% waterproof surface and a 2-hour battery-powered mode of operation. And yes, it has USB rechargeable support. It is a silent vibrator, hence the best among other bullet vibrators. The We-Vibe Tango is the powerhouse among other bullet vibrators. It is durable and provided the wildest pleasure at the highest vibrational pattern possible.

G-spot Vibrator

The vagina is the part of the vulva where penetrative sex occurs. The vagina walls also have concentrated nerve endings called the G-Spot that causes arousal upon touch. Penetrative sex and fingering are the conventional ways of bringing internal pleasure. However, a G-spot vibrator is better because it has buzzy vibrations and the in and out strokes. Also, it has different spots where these sensitive nerves are in the vaginal walls. With a G-spot, you can explore those areas as you explore your body, unlike a penis.

How to Use a G-spot Vibrator

Using a G-spot Vibrator requires some level of bravery and a desire to enjoy a good pleasure. In contrast to the clitoris, which is easier to locate, the G-spot is right at the front wall of the vagina. For many, it’s a place they have to discover themselves. To reach that sensitive spot and pleasure, you need to pay attention and study your body’s anatomy. Nevertheless, the satisfaction is worth the exploration!

The top 2 Types of G-spot Vibrator

  • The Lelo Gigi 2

The Lelo Gigi g-spot Vibrator boasts a soft-feel silicone tip. Rocking a characteristically soft handle, it’s a definite “workhorse” among other G-spot vibrators. The unique feature about the Lelo Gigi g-spot Vibrator is that it can also be used as an external vibrator for the clit. As one of the brand’s bestsellers, it comes with a black pouch and USB rechargeable support. If you don’t mind coming out of the box to enjoy all the pleasure that sex toy has to give, then Lelo Gigi g-spot Vibrator is your best bet!

  • The Bellesa Aurora

This is a celeb-approved g-spot vibrator that you should make your “joystick” among other internal sex toys. Why? They come in the perfect shape for the “pleasure job.” They also spot color-changing modes that turn as you switch vibrational patterns. Cardi B is one celeb that has got eyes and feels for vibrators. If she approves of the Bellesa Aurora G-spot Vibrator, it is most assuredly a “go-get” for every G-spot Vibrator user. But why enjoy the pleasure in one place when you can stimulate the clitoris and g-spot at the same time?

The Rabbit Vibrator

The rabbit Vibrator was made to answer that question and bridge the pleasure gap with g-spot and clitoral stimulation alone. A rabbit vibrator comes with a soft head for vaginal penetration and a smaller head that stimulates the clitoris.

With the rabbit vibrator, every woman reaches their pleasure destination, no doubt! Sexual orgasm is never a dream with the rabbit lover by your bedside.

How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator

For first-timers, getting set for something exciting can trigger unnecessary tremors. But there’s no need for all that. To try out the rabbit Vibrator, lubricate it to make it as slippery as possible, then turn on the vibrator to the lowest vibration pattern. Slowly slide it into your body as you listen to your body to see how you feel. If you feel relaxed and pleasured, try to move the rabbit ears on your clitoris. You can make any motion you want on it, up and down or circular motions. A rabbit vibrator is flexible enough to accommodate different movement patterns. You may also want to try the “thrust” pattern, where you ride the shaft and let your rabbit rub your clit in an up and down motion.

The truth is that as you go, you’ll discover personal ways to satisfy yourself. So, feel free to explore!

The Top 2 Types of Rabbit Vibrator

With Rabbit Vibrators, the rabbit ears might not reach the clitoris for maximum pleasure. Also, the shaft is too short for the g-spot. When buying rabbit vibrators, you must look out for adjustable ones. Also, go for rabbit vibrators suitable for your body size.

  • The Lovehoney Dream Rabbit Vibrator

This is perfect for those who want to combine the pleasure of thrusting and the benefits that one can get from regular rabbit vibrators. The Lovehoney Dream Vibrator comes with rechargeable USB support. Also,  seven vibrational patterns, three ear speeds, and three thrusting speeds. It also has a refined surface appearance for seamless cleaning.

  • The We-Vibe Nova 2

The We-Vibe rabbit vibrator is mainly for a “rocking-type” of self-pleasuring. It is very adjustable, so you can quickly move it to touch the g-spot as well as enjoy clitoral stimulation. One beautiful thing about the We-Vibe rabbit vibrator is that you can set the rabbit head to vibrate separately from the shaft. So, you can choose to enjoy vibration upon insertion while you give your clit a self-stroking rub or massage.

Egg Vibrator

Egg vibrators or “Love Eggs” are the G-spot variants of bullet vibrators. While Bullet Vibrators are a perfect fit for clit massaging clit, the Egg Vibrator goes deeper inside the vagina canal. This delivers the pleasure of your life. That emanates from curved love eggs. They are equally wide enough to touch the walls of the vagina. But to be able to slip it inside the G-zone with comfort and no friction, you must use water lube or oil to make it slippery.

The good thing about egg vibrators is that they can also massage the clit and nipples.

How to Use an Egg Vibrator

Since the Egg Vibrator is best used for insertion purposes, it’s wise to get the body turned on to get greased up for allowance and easy penetration. Once you’re aroused, you can begin the sensational process. But for anal purposes, using a lubricant is very vital to avoid discomfort due to friction.

For self-pleasuring, the egg vibrators are slowly inserted into the vagina. Next, you can close your legs and soak in the vibrational thrill that travels from between your legs up to your entire body. For sexual intercourse, you can use it on your partner in erogenous areas like the nipples and the clit. And if you want to get kinky, you can use it as an anal plug during sex. Just be free to explore and discover new pleasure horizons. There is no hard and fast rule to using a vibrator.

The Top 2 Types of Egg Vibrator

Before choosing among the best, you must understand that they’re many kinds of Egg Vibrator. They are dual egg vibrators, wireless egg vibrators, egg sleeves, and many more. So, it would help if you considered looking into the “kind” before looking into the product type and appearance.

  • Desire Luxury Rechargeable Egg Vibrator

Like the name, it is a luxurious love egg made to cover for every sexual pleasure that an Egg Vibrator will ever meet. Made for intimate pleasure, it comes with 12 adjustable vibrational patterns. It is whisper-quiet, so you don’t have to worry about noises while having sexual fun. The Luxury Rechargeable Love Egg has tapered ends for smooth insertion into the vaginal canal.

  • The Lovehoney Power Play

When choosing a Love Egg, you’ll need something versatile, something with which you can transition from solo play to couple’s play. And that’s what the Lovehoney Power Play is all about! It comes with a splash-proof finish that allows for a warm bathroom pleasuring. It has up to 7 vibrational patterns, with a remote-control cord of about 29-inch attached to it.

Wand Vibrator

Wand Vibrators are called the strongest among the bunch of the wide variety of sex toys. They can be used for all external sexual stimulation and sometimes internal. Unlike the “penis-shaped” sex toys, these are not made to mimic the appearance of any body part; they look like wands. Wands give off rumbly sounds, unlike the normal buzzy vibrations of other sex toys. The Magic Wand is best for those who want to feel themselves having something powerful and moving in between their legs. It also goes with being able to give pleasurable penetration while enjoying a clit massage. They come in various head sizes; they’re those with the size of tennis. They’re also others, the size of a golf. You are always free to choose which will “pleasure” you the most.

How to use a Wand Vibrator

The first step towards using a Vibrator is always to get your body aroused and allow the nerves around the vulva to have a constant flow of blood. This is to get the sexual “juices flowing” and prepare your body to receive external vibrations. Also, the circulation of blood increases the chances of having an intense orgasm.

Once you’ve warmed up, gently allow the vibrating head of the wand vibrator to travel all over the clit. Move it up and down till you’re feeling satisfied. Engage in interplay as much as you want. Just go with the flow, and flow downwards to the anus. For male folks, use this same procedure. Flow from through the pipe of the penis to the ring around the tip (corona of glans).

The top 2 types of Wand Vibrator

  • The Lelo Smart Wand 2

The Lelo Smart Wand is exceptionally gorgeous, with premium design and colors to make using them an experience of great delight. Their handles are very “grasp-able,” with eight vibrational patterns to suit a wide range of arousal needs. The Lelo Smart Wand has large ends for easy maneuver during partnered sex. Moreover, it has a discreet appearance because of its excessive glamorous appeal.

  • The Jopen Impulse E-Stimulator Petite Wand

This is a wand Vibrator with a “special” feature that allows for electro-stimulation. This is to help strengthen the orgasmic experience gradually. The electro-stimulator gives a needle or pin-like feeling to your body. This produces a tingling sensation. The e-stim regulator has five adjustable settings, and the vibrational patterns are adjustable by 7. The Jopen Impulse Wand has slanted tips, which may look like a disadvantage, but proper use can be fun during a sexual massage.

Suction Vibrator

Suction Vibrators, also known as clit sucking sex toys, are essentially external vibrators. They function by creating circular “sucking” motions on the clit, which causes blood circulation on the clit. This ultimately gives sexual arousal. Unlike other sex toys that function by contact, the suction vibrator leverages vibration. This is indirect contact. And this is very handy for those who consider direct contact too sensitive for their clit.

The suction Vibrator produces a “throbbing” and sucking sensation by creating gentle air pressure on the clitoris. The idea is to contrast vibration and give you the feelings you’ll get from having oral sex. They send pressure waves all through the vulva, taking you to pleasure town all the while!

How to Use a Suction Vibrator

Begin by lowering the pressure of your suction Vibrator. Gently place the nozzle over the clit and enjoy yourself. As you do, see if the air pressure from your suction vibrator does the job right. Increase it if you need more sensation on your clit and travel all around the vulva for the pleasure of your life. Although the suction Vibrator is considered a “clit toy,” there is no hard and fast rule to using it. Explore more areas of your body that you could use as a suction pleasure.

For those with super sensitive clits, a good water-based lube on your clit will solve your problem. Also, ensure to lower the pressure of your suction Vibrator while using it.

The top 2 types of Suction Vibrator

  • Womanizer Starlet 2 Rechargeable Clitoral Suction Stimulator

This very “grasp-able” oral sex toy comes with a waterproof feature that allows you to have all the fun in your bathroom. With just two control buttons, operating a suction sex toy has never been easier. And mind you, the Womanizer starlet clitoral suction stimulator is the upgraded version of itself. So, you’ll be getting something better for a start!

  • The Lelo Sona Cruise

This is what you would call a “strong” suction Vibrator among the bunch of other clitoral stimulation sex toys. This is for those who need “something powerful going on under there” as they pleasure themselves. If you find pleasure alternating between medium to strong air pressure, go for the Sona Cruise suction Vibrator.

Wearable Vibrator

Many sex toys always demand that you “do something” for the pleasure you seek. In contrast, other types do all the work for you. These are none other than wearable vibrators.

All you need is to put it on, pad it up, and you’re set to experience the pleasure of your life. Unlike the wand and rabbit vibrator, with a wearable vibrator, you can have a hands-free solo pleasure moment. You can even wear them outdoors and pleasure yourself in public. When you say “discreet,” they’re the perfect definition of the word regarding sex toys. These beautiful toys are also great for couples who would want to pleasure themselves publicly. They can achieve this discreetly. This means a partner with the remote device can control how the other feels while in public. This is possible because wearable vibrators can easily be given the “quiet vibrator” tag.

How to Use a Wearable Vibrator

Before knowing how to use these silent vibrators, you should first know which type you prefer. Do you want those that will give you a G-spot stimulation?

Do you want clitoral stimulation or anal stimulation? Or do you want it all together? This brings me to the best features that come with wearable vibrators. They can allow you to enjoy stimulation from all three points. You do this by wearing them and controlling the vibrations with your remote device. 

So, you can choose one dose of pleasure, two stimulation options, or you can triple the dose of pleasure – your choice.

Using a wearable vibrator is, as the name suggests, “you wear it.” Your type of wearable vibrator will determine where you experience the stimulation.

The top 2 Types of Wearable Vibrators

  • Lovense Lush

From the Max and Nora company, Lovense Lush is another unrivaled product of excellent quality. They are silent vibrators, so you don’t have to worry about someone close by hearing you operate it. With an uninterrupted 30ft distance remote control, you can conceal these love toys in your underwear. With this, only the antenna will show. But the antenna doubles as a stimulator for your clitoris, so it’s a plus.

The Lovense Lush comes with a waterproof surface so that you can enjoy yourself under the shower. It also has a USB rechargeable support system. And with the Lovense Lush iOS or Android app, you and your partner can play from anywhere in the world.

  • The Vibease

This has almost the same features as the Lovense Lush regarding being silent and being a remotely powered sex toy. But one unique part of this quiet vibrator is that it comes with an app that supports erotic audiobooks. With its support systems, it gives you the experiences of each erotic scene you read. This should be fun if you’re a lover of erotic kinds of literature. Also, with the app, and good internet, Vibease can be controlled by your partner from anywhere in the world.

Male Vibrator

One of the first thoughts to address in male sex toys is that sex toys for men exist. Sexuality is not gender-specific. If women need stimulation toys for sexual satisfaction, then men should access theirs. For beginners, the type of male vibrator will always determine the usage. But the use of the toy can also determine the choice of purchase. You should always consider whether you want to use the sex toys for solo play or with your partner. The varieties of male sex toys range from strokers to anal toys, from rings to prostate toys, and many others – choose what serves you best.

How to use Male Vibrators

If you’re using a male vibrator for solo play, the idea is to start by going slow. If you’re using it for the first time with your partner, make sure that the whole process is consensual. The usual idea would be to go for the penis, but the rules of slow stimulation still apply in this case. Use the vibrator to make circular motions around the nipples, listen for the sound he makes as your guide to continue. Slowly move in between the hollow of his chest, then walk your way down to the navel. And from the navel, play around the pubic zone. Gently rub the shaft of the penis as you massage the testicles. This would also be great if you add oral play to the process. Anal pleasuring should be done with careful consideration of your partner’s sensitivity. But there are no rules to how you use the male vibrator. Explore and make your discoveries as you go!

The top 2 types of Male Vibrators

  • Tenga Flip Zero

If you’re a starter, this is one incredible stroker to begin your journey to pleasure town. It comes durable; designed to last for years with proper maintenance. But it’s also easy to maintain; just a little wash with soap and water after climaxing, and you’re on your way. Unlike other strokers that have rigid exteriors, the Tenga Flip Zero is soft and responds to touch. They also have groves and ridges with cutouts and bubbles that give a flexible experience of pleasure on the genitalia. So, yes, you don’t feel restricted. Masturbating is a great experience with this cool love toy. It’s the best because of all of its great features.

  • We-Vibe Pivot

“The Cadillac of cock rings,” as it is sometimes called, is a very discreet sex toy and the ultimate travel companion. Unlike most male sex toys that are entirely remote-controlled, the actual pivot of this can be controlled. But, to get the full features of the product, it’s best to use the smartphone app. With the We-Vibe pivot, you can extend your partner across the table without anyone else knowing what’s going on between you two. More so, the We-Vibe’s connectivity can be shared with over ten persons across the world. However, it has complete regulations of vibrational patterns. Because it’s so discreet, it’s not hard to make it your travel companion.

Now, these are just a few great things to know about sex toys and vibrators. I said a few because there’s a lot more to discover and enjoy from these love products. I mean, sex tech companies are making improvements to make sexual stimulation a great experience. So do your research and enjoy your love bunch!

Q&A Session

Do vibrators have side effects?

No, there are no side effects to using a vibrator. It is scientifically proven that vibrators are healthy for sexual release. Also, a vibrator helps to achieve some sexual excitement intercourse might not provide.

If the question has to do with “numbness around the vagina.” Know that numbness is always temporary, and they’re usually the result of using harmful vibrators. Also, the chances of experiencing numbness are very thin. Studies show that only 11% of vibrator users experience temporary numbness. Vaginal sensitivity becomes normalized after a period of staying away from the vibrator.

When was the first vibrator invented?

The first vibrator was invented somewhere around the 1880s by Joseph Mortimer Granville. It was the first electromagnetic device made solely to treat Hysteria in women.

What are the uses of vibrators?

Vibrators are used to create sexual stimulation for pleasurable sensations. They can be used on a personal level or as an object of arousal between couples in bed.

“I want to know how to clean a vibrator.”

It’s advisable to handwash your vibrator with warm water and mild soap. But please, don’t use fragrant or antibacterial soaps. This is because they are likely to cause irritations, especially if they contain Triclosan. So, a mild dish soap would do. Anything further than this may rest in bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection.

Can I use a Vibrator when pregnant?

Yes, they can. Whether through internal or external stimulation, a vibrator is a good way to relieve stress during pregnancy.

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